My Elixir (Part 1) Read Count : 18

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Just a splash of good that I put in the cauldron. 
Starting off easy in this giant tub of life. 
Ingredients to the side, variety of mixtures fallen. 
Careful of the backsplash, could cut like a knife. 

Only an ounce of darkness that is poured into the bowl. 
Never once did I claim to be completely innocent. 
But, only one ounce, can't get lost in that black hole. 
Remembering that I still have to be diligent. 

A cup of peace that seems to be time released. 
Small boughts that come and go as it may. 
The freedom is loved as that power is increased. 
These make beautiful and carefree days. 

A half of a cup of anger that raises its head, occasionally. 
Having a tendency to hang around for bit. 
Could come around as I'm busy, or recreationally. 
I have been known to throw a fit. 

This is just a partial mixture of what's in my elixir.


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    Jan 12, 2020

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