X-Ped Chapter One: Ryker And X Read Count : 9

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Sub Category : Suspense/Mystery
Ryker Hill, now 35, became a detective at the age of 23. After graduating high school at the age of 17, he settled for ordinary to meaningless jobs for a few years. Then, he went to school to become a detective. This made him happy. Yes, the pay could have been a little better with all of the hours put in, but happy. There was, however, an emotional rollar coaster of feelings that he had to constantly overcome. 

Ryker made his way home after a long day. Overwhelmed with so many cases. He just wanted to go home, check his mail, and get some rest.  

As he checked his mail, he saw a small stack of bills covering a manilla envelope. This was shipped to his address, or placed in his mailbox, but he couldn't tell where it was mailed from. On the far left hand corner was a big X. No postage stamp. No markings of the city that it came from. Nothing. He goes into his apartment, plopped down on the couch and opened it. It was three D.V.D.'s. A black, permanent marker indicated the sequence in which to watch. 1. 2. 3. 

"Damn.", he thought. "So much for rest." 

He grabbed the first one and put it in his player. It took him a minute to figure out what it was. A thick sheet had covered the screen. A minute or two later a silhouette of, what looked like, a long haired man came up. He started talking. Voice distorted. 

"Hello, detective! My name is…well, you can call me X. I am sure that you are well aware of a string of unsolved murders around this country. Most of the deceased are pedophiles. I am responsible. Not ready to turn myself in just yet. When and if the time is right, I will turn myself in to you. Only you." 

"Great!" thought Ryker, "A freaking serial killer is fascinated with me." 

"There's not much that I'm willing to tell you about myself. Only a few things until I gain your trust. I refuse to be caught. I started the killing in my twenties. I'm 52 now. Yes, I said that MOST of the people that I have killed were pedophiles. Having had to kill others because of threats of being turned in. Threats and, I'll have to admit, a bit of paranoia. I don't see myself as any kind of monster. Really, I think that I am doing this country a favor. Those sick bastards had what was coming to them! I am willing to share some of my experiences. Not all. And don't let the silhouette fool you. I really don't have long hair. Or do I?" X laughs hysterically. 

"I have covered my tracks. You can check. I was smart enough to not leave any finger prints on the envelope or the discs. This one is just to introduce myself. You see, I want to show how good I am. You, nor anyone else can catch me. The other two discs will have headings of different parts of the country that I have worked. You will see a white poster board with writing on it. I was careful not to show my fingers." 

"So, we'll call this a little tour. You know, I think that the justice system is a bit slow. In some cases there's no justice at all! That's why I have taken the law into my own hands. I know, you think that I shouldn't do this. But, shouldn't I be considered a hero? Yes, this disc is the shortest of the three. Just wanted to let you know who your dealing with. That is all for now. But, get some rest, detective. I have so much more to tell." 

Ryker couldn't believe this. The arrogance and the cockiness of this guy, or girl, or whatever! And, yes, he also had a problem with pedophiles but he also had a problem with murderers. In a lot of instances the justice system really does work. Unfortunately, people only seem to remember when it doesn't. He knew that he had no choice but to work this case now. He was just so tired! This X character was right about one thing. He was exhausted and needed some rest. He would sleep on it and work on it the next morning. With lots of coffee, of course!!


  • Jan 12, 2020

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