To Convoke The Seraphim Read Count : 9

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I'm calling out the angels that surround the throne.
Wondering why what you do is such a secret.
Because this life that we have, it can wear us down to the bone. 
In todays world, all of our faults are on exhibit.  

It has taken me a long time to understand. 
And I, sometimes, still don't get it. 
Why the treacherous among us seem to have the upper hand. 
Yet, maybe it's that divine power that won't allow me to quit. 

I'm calling out the angel that's assigned to my side. 
Was there ever a time that you've grown weary, and wanted to quit? 
Did you pull me out of the night when I was desperate to hide? 
Did you ease the tension from the tempers lit? 

To convoke the seraphim, well, not sure how that's done. 
Maybe, just one might read this and give me some answers. 
These thoughts in my mind seem to forever run. 
Advice is requested from one or more of heavens dancers.


  • Jan 12, 2020

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