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Lets take a moment to reflect on our general weal. 
To see what is healing and what needs repair. 
Imperfections and faults can be all healed. 
Freedom comes with work as we drift from despair. 

We were all put here and have our own mission, so raise your head. 
Not yet, have you reached your destination. 
Reviving the depressed and saddened soul that's nearly dead. 
I know that it's hard, and change comes with difficulties and hesitation. 

True happiness come from inside, why depend on another? 
Just maybe, having a free spirit is what we all really need. 
Lost in the lonely and heartbreaking thoughts will only smother.  
Getting results from that one of the two wolves that we feed. 

Our true well being is completely up to us. 
It's now time to stop shifting the blame. 
Chiseling all of the fakeness that hides us, that destructive crust. 
Opening to a truth that is beautiful as we'll never be the same.


  • Jan 12, 2020

  • Jan 12, 2020

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