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What if the ideas of reincarnation were true? 
And we were able to achieve what, in this life, we've failed. 
All over, and over, and over to be better and different is what we would do. 
Turning over a new leaf from a past that may have been derailed. 

What if the dreams that we've never accomplished were set aside? 
Not meant for you, but for the person that you will be. 
This might explain some of the confusion and thoughts that we hide. 
This might explain some of unclear ideas of our mind that we just can't see. 

If this is all true, then why don't we remember? 
Why don't we remember the life that we used to live? 
Cleared are all past Januaries to Decembers. 
Cleared, maybe, because this life has more to give. 

I, often, get deep but don't think that I'm crazy. 
Just different dementions that are spread throughout my mind. 
Because, sometimes, the answers aren't clear and the thoughts are hazy. 
Wondering what happened at the times that I can't rewind. 


  • Jan 12, 2020

  • Jan 13, 2020

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