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When I was in about 3rd grade, I rode the bus with my 3 best friends, Cristina, Dana, and Hannah. We heard this song called Molly, about a girl named Molly, who happened to find a doll with the same name, Molly. In the song, the doll sang about killing Molly's parents, then brother, then her. We found the song creepy, but somehow amusing? We sang the song about twice a day, but eventually, I became obsessed, and practically sang it nonstop everyday. One day, while getting off the bus, I sang the song to my stepbrother Jayden, he found it creepy, but he liked it. We both enjoyed scary stuff, which is why I was so excited to sing it to him. When we got home, the creepiest thing happened..We heard a laugh from my backpack, which happened to be the exact same laugh from the song. So I threw my backpack and we bolted into my room. We heard the laugh again, coming from behind us, but..nothing was there. We immediately ran to my backpack and checked inside, to find only my school books. We both ran outside, and heard the laugh twice, both times coming from the shed, we slowly walked towards it, opened it, and found a doll. The doll had a tag, which said Molly. The doll had no button or anything to press that allowed it to talk or laugh, so we freaked out and threw it into the canal. We both ran back inside to find the same doll sitting on our counter, Jayden took the doll and threw it in the trash, placing a large piece of cardboard over it. Later that day we checked under the cardboard to find that the doll had disappeared. The laugh was never heard again, and the doll was never found, at least, not in our house. We looked up the backstory of the song, to find that it was based on a true story. We were petrified. For in the song, Molly killed the parents first, and our parents had been gone for hours. We waited impatiently for them to arrive home, and eventually they did, safe and happy. We were relieved of our fear. My name isn't Molly, so the doll must have made a mistake, for it was never seen or heard from again.


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