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During my elementary years, I had a best friend, her name was Isabella, we were best friends for 4 years, during those 4 years, I was slightly bossy, we met at Boys And Girls Club, which I quit for a year, and she said she was happy because I treated her like a servant. Personally, I feel that she was exaggerating, I could be bossy at times, but in no shape or form, did I ever, treat anyone like a servant. Although she was being dramatic, I made it my business to apologise to her. She forgave me, or so I thought. I went back to Boys And Girls Club the next year, and we were best friends like before, at least, that's what I thought. I quit Boys And Girls Club once again because of a bullying situation with a guy named Devon. After I left, Isabella started spreading fake rumours about my family and I. I found out from my other best friend MJ, who also went to the Boys And Girls Club. Isabella made it her business to ruin my life. She spread rumours, she told lies, and she made sure that all my friends were the ones she told. All of this actually started a couple weeks after I left, for the first few, we called, and talked, laughed, and did what any best friends do on the phone, she told me about the latest gossip, about the new stuff happening at the club, her life, etc. Then we planned a birthday party, and when I called her, she was with her friend, so I hung up, because obviously I didn't want to disrupt her fun time, later on I texted her, and she told me to shut up because she was with her best friend, not to call her, not to talk to her, and she didn't want to go to my stupid birthday party. She started calling me stupid, saying I was an idiot, and just being extremely disrespectful towards me. She told me she never fully forgave me, and she wasn't really my friend, she made sure to make it crystal clear that she hated me as well, the day after is when all the rumours, lies, and drama started. Eventually, after about a month or two, she stopped, and we never talked again.


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