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On behalf of blank, commonly known as blank by friends and family

Prior to his conviction and incarceration blank had been considered an approved for benefits under Oregon's disabilities and health Securities this was at the behest and recommendation of medical staff and supervisory staff within Oregon's prison system due to the nature of his mental health issues including PTSD he struggled with the medical exam unable to be present at any of several scheduled appointments hence his Social Security never became active shortly after missing his last appointment he was once again incarcerated once in jail or prison he found the only way he could deal with his situation given his declining mental state was to isolate and withdraw from the rest of the inmates in prison staff as much as possible.

He had been in previous Correctional institutions within Oregon and dealt with verbal emotional and physical assault.
 these types of traumas have very real and lasting effects especially when perpetrated against a mentally unstable individual. 

ForA person that is already in a state of disassociation caused by post-traumatic stress disorder this could cause them to withdraw entirely.
changing the person weakening the will to live to thrive or even to survive. There are many studies that supports this as factual

Mr. Blank had at the time no history of assaulting others no violent crime at all.
 it seems his crime was being young white and passive,others within the system targeted him as weak causing more undue stress and harm to come to him.

Currently after 1 year and 4 months in prison he has been in the whole or in solitary confinement more than three times.
spending 60 days in isolation within 8 months of being in prison 
in 2017 an investigative report by disabilities rights Oregon found that there was an alarming number of inmates confinedfind up to 23 hours a day in dark cramped isolated cells.

The units where they are housed are often found to be a clear violation of Human Rights. many of the inmates being subjected to unnecessary staff of violence and receiving inadequate mental health care.
(Disability rights Oregon) states that an inmate must be out of cell a minimum of 20 hours a week.
 This number signifies the Constitutional floor required to protect inmates with mental health issues from cruel and unusual punishment. 
Mr. Blank has suffered unduly at the negligence and shortcomings of the Oregon penal system this is a clear violation of the 8th Amendment ,he has been subjected to cruel and inhumane punishment so severe he attempted to take his own life.
 This Cry for Help was met with more punishment!
where does the inhumane treatment stop?!

For people with mental illness isolation exuberates their symptoms and can result in lasting harm.
 prisoners with depression become more depressed prisoners with anxiety become more anxious, prisoners prone to disillusions have an Ever harder time trying to sort out reality.

Given the enduring harm caused when solitary confinement violates people's intrinsic human rights many prison systems have the abolished the use of isolation.
what about blank and others like him?
 left to fall through the cracks...
 suffering unduly at the hands of those that are supposed to be rehabilitating them... their "Guardians"?.


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