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As early as i can remember itruly cated aannddd ceri about global warming.  I qas rhat into nature n its getting real bad. I must just be aluve for some real bad shit. Oh it started and is not stopping by no means

The shame  Of it is all the people who did believe and preached how it will die now because I doubt there are many rich people I'm in poverty is he mongers percentage which I want to change and I will change it I really will twenny twenny for that's when I'll change to win it we earlier I so I'm a something in my heart and my heart telling me any to write talking into my  Phone because it might be longer than I thought it might be sure I don't know but I know I have to get out with every reg my body it's like tearing me apart inside right now so I'm just gonna start talking now OK one year twenny twenny honestly I kind of see me there but I'm warm for enroll working towards nope I got a gut shot unless summit I wasn't listening with my heart started again twenny twenny have you airy tears came to my eyes something's going to happen I'm getting a real intense feel now Lake pad a must I wanna get have a panic attack to be honest my God it's all OK anyhow twenny twenny no sir Thomas he was nobody no 1 thought anything of us till he was dead and gone just like all the good writer is in tone people unfortunately nowadays technology took away all those little moments I'm very easy something maybe Tony something haha and I would die for those moments back I would die for the world for the villains back my generation was the last of it and we got 5 fad my mom and dad both warned with my dinner a tion is completely auto really any Hill the anxiousness is time to go away so this is good only talking about Our country shores Lake has remember in the last generation of non technology it stand by your phone and wait for a to ring hoping it's that girl or guy I wanna call there was no caller IDG leave love notes all the time because there was no cell phone you knocked on each other's doors now so gone it killed my generation in flooded it with drugs I love check I'm just talking until the feeling good today reminder they know what I am I just know I did another reading nailed it that's cool I like it March keep popping in my head I'm gonna ask if there's anything it to be sad this girl one sad alone years and years locked away with nowhere to call home the abuse she bared in every way but devastated hurt just let me assure you know in some ways I can explain her soul is almost even the things she would Sue would never compare for each story is different in that shoes backs other people has it worse but even other species curse I'm gonna die young I know that for the C43 very then jealousy I know this ration everybody wants me to be the leader had how to lie lead I'm not rich that's why the rich people keep us poor Ross we all have a page is Earl sweet all when you go world so you the feeling of in a laid back O your post this custom is 3rd video blog called truly see me all through the day everything up and trust me you'll believephone though because I notes might be long I don't know what else


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