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I have written words that unravel 

Unravel the mysteries of life

Unwrap the very essence of the soul

I have written words that travel

Travel your thoughts to ancient arenas

Travel your thoughts to future dilemmas

Could I pen an idea?

An idea that could distort your reality 

Contort your imagination 

Disrupt your perpetual state of bliss?

A hyperbole of the highest degree

Could I master your masters?

U know... your vices 

Could my verses battle your surprises?

Your worst fears laid bare 

Laid bare and stripped by my pen

My literal might 

My verbal ingenuity 

You seek change 

I seek chaos 

If a stranger drinks up my flows,

finds intoxicating relief in them,

Or another: water to quench thy thirst on a droughty day

Should that be enough? 



  • Dec 18, 2019

  • Dec 19, 2019

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