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Marriage and Paradise 
What a combination 
A wedding couple’s future dream
Of a life-long dual sensation 

It won’t always be that way
But that’s the cherished goal
To share what fate has planned for you 
As you both become one soul

There will be rough times
There will be tough times 
There will be sad times
As well as bad times

Do not be dissolutioned 
Do not be disappointed 
It’s not really  that confusing
This adventure is “double-jointed”

The joy of sharing good times 
Completely outweigh the tears 
Those memories last a lifetime 
As you strengthen through the years

As parents life is further enriched
Beyond your wildest dreams
Children are fates greatest wish
Bringing satisfaction to extremes 

Not everyone’s experience works out  quite this way way
You’ve joined together to build a life
You live it day by day
If it starts with love and continues with love
You’re blessed- you found the way 


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    Dec 18, 2019

  • Dec 18, 2019

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