MS.K STRIKES AGAIN Read Count : 17

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Sub Category : Thriller
Hey babe it has been quite some time since i last wrote how have you and your mistress been?i hope you and her are doing just for me i am just here sitting waiting been through the town you know just dancing with the wind and yet they haven't found me..........wonder why? No i seriously want to know i mean i left all the clues they know i am your wife i left a letter for crying out loud how can they not find me? If your wondering yes i want to be caught i am a danger afterall oh wait maybe i am just that insane well qho cares certainly not you your dead after all and if your wondering again why i killed you let me remind you that you cheated on your crazy wife damn you were just calling for it you know that?what thought i wouldnt have noticed? Please you were always a bad liar you couldnt even keep your mouth shout at times ughhh anyways what have you and your no good mistress been up to anything good? Nothing ok Mr. And Mrs.boring backstabbers whatever you guys were actually meant to be plus y'all died the same way to oh but wait not your mistress no no she got a beautiful sludge hammer to her pretty little face oops my bad silly me i didnt mean it but you shouldnt had done me dirty like that babe you both would urmmm maybe possibly be alive by now *clicked* hmm?oh well i got to go my next victim is here you know gotta do my job unlike you babe bye love ya hopefully this stranger might see you soon
Your lovely


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