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If you feel like you want your parents to understand you well then that shouldnt be tough i'm just kidding its tough especially when you gotta sit them down and try your best to explain what your thoughts opinions emotions and mindset are right now its a difficult challenge to the part where you gotta prep talk yourself then to face your parents now i do not want to offend anyone but just a quick note not all parents or teens or others have this to go through but i am just saying so if you get offended my bad i am totally sorry i know all are not like this but bare with me the most important thing which is the key to parents and kids relationship or for any damn relationship especially boyfriend and girlfriend is "communication"and we both wanna understand each other i get it but sometimes we just want our parents to understand our side of why we wanna have this talk and for them to understand that maybe we are going through a rough time and need guidance or advice or just need someone one to talk to and parents will obviously do their part listen attentively and honestly try their best to understand you and trust me they do not to say parents are bad or anything they are lovable at the end of each day they are still our parents we could hate them when things dont go our way or when the talk goes onto somethings else at the end of each day we still love our parents and we know that they will always be there for us no matter what and furthereore i think both parents and us should understand each others point of view for every talk.


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