Akuvi My Village Wife 6 Read Count : 169

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Akuvi, I have promised to marry you.
To make some love before we die.
Why the unexpected change of mind?
Hmm! Something must be wrong somewhere.

Money, wealth, property where are you guys?
These are the solutions. I guess.
If I tell you my story,
You will shed tears.
If others tell you their stories,
You would run out of shock.

Don't forget;
Wɔbaɖa kubaɖa wuame.
Nyanuvi Akuvi, lebena ɖokui wo.
Nanya zɔzɔ nuie.

I am The Buffalo Who Never Stoops To conquer
Efo Losu, The Poet Of Your Time 


  • Dec 19, 2019

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