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Loud footsteps. Hitting the ground hard, multiple of them. They were chasing a little girl. Her name was Mary Sue. Known for her charitable donations. Her infamous charitable ways. Stole from the rich and evil and gave to the poor and good. She's also known by her family, including her, their amazing powers.

The reason why she's being chased now is because she stole nearly a million euros from a high secured bank. She kept running away from the cops and security guards. She smiled and chuckled. She parkoured up a building. She rested there for a solid thirty minutes before being found by helicopters. While she rested she pulled out her phone and called a friend of hers.

"Hey Kylie, what are you doing?" Mary Sue asked pacing back and forth.
"Oh, nothing important, watching the news," she paused, "you're on it."
"Oh, haha," Mary Sue nervously laughed.
"What did you steal now?"
"Nearly a million euros?" Mary Sue answered nervously, checking.
"Charity?" Kylie asked smiling.
"Yeah." Mary Sue answered with confident.
"You better go, they found you."
"Thanks Kylie! Talk to you later, love ya!" Mary Sue hung up and took off.

Mary Sue used the air to blow the helicopter off course. She jumped off the building and ran towards the charity building. Cops lined their cars along the streets and sidewalk to form a blockade, all around. She looked for an exit. She smiled and put her hand on the ground. Light emitted from the ground; the ground near the cops sunck, Mary Sue quickly jumped over the cops and continued to the charity.

Mary Sue gave the bag of euros to the charity building and there they split the money. Mary Sue went home. She laughed and hummed all the way there. She bumped into a man, he looked back. "Hey girl watch it!" He growled at her and walked off, not hearing Mary Sue;
"I am 17! Not a little girl! I'm a young women thank you very much!"

She continued walking. When she got home, Kylie was sitting on her porch. Mary Sue waved and hugged Kylie. They went inside, to Mary Sue's room and got ready for a movie night. They got chips of all kind of flavors. Popcorn. And candy. Kyie put a sign up banning boys from entering the room until the next day. Mary Sue's dad, being the jokester in the house, made a joke about it. Everyone who were downstairs laughed.

"I agree with dad!" Mary Sue's little brother, Axel commented.
"Oh you two leave her alone. Her and her friend are young beautiful ladies, they need space." Mary Sue and Axel's mom stated.
"But mum! When I had a sleepover you let her bug in when I had a sign up similar to hers!"
"Don't but mum me, you're a boy exploring and curious about new things. No privacy or alone time for you." The mom answered. Axel frowned and shivered; dad did the same. The mom rolled her eyes and went to fix dinner.

After dinner the girls went back upstairs. They locked Axel out the room and enjoyed their selves. Setting off small harmless fireworks with Mary Sue's powers, had sing offs, and watched movies. Axel, failed attempts, attempted to sneak into his sisters room. Through the window. Trying breaking down the door. And crawling through the air vents. Mary Sue stopped every of his attempt. Axel stopped after midnight hit, lucky for the girls.

"Kylie, I have a big plan for Christmas!" Mary Sue yelled.
"What is it?" Kylie asked sleepish.
"I'm going to bring toys from the future, to the past. From 2075 to 2025!"
"What!" Kylie yelled, wide awake now, "you know our Prime Minister won't allow that!"
"That's why he won't know if I borrow one of his time machines!" Mary Sue snake like said grinning evily.
"I want no part of this," Kylie went to bed.

Mary Sue packed her things then went to bed.

Morning came. Kylie hugged Mary Sue goodbye. Mary Sue smiled, she quickly went back to her room and continued forming her plan. Spent all day in her room, only coming down for food and only leaving to use the bathroom. As it got dark and everyone going to bed, Mary Sue snuck out to get a rain coat. She looked at the forecast for Christmas in 2025 and noticed it rained that day. After purchasing the raincoat and leaving the store, she bumped into a boy her age, even probably older.
"Ouch, sorry, but watch where your going!"
"Your voice? Are you Mary Sue?" The boy asked helping her up.
"I is her, what is it to you?" Mary Sue asked nasty.
"I'm Nelo, I'm from 2025, I stole a time machine to see you.."
"What for?" Mary Sue asked throwing her coat over her shoulder.
"I want to help you give the present to the orphans and struggling families."
"I was going to— We've met!" Mary Sue's eyes widen.
"Yes, while you were there. I came back so you can help the orphans and poor and homeless and free us from the infamous dictator." Nelo explained. Mary Sue nodded her head. Nelo smiled and hugged her.

"Meet me back here at 1:33a.m. got it?" Mary Sue asked Nelo before walking off.
"Yes, see you then." Mary Sue walked off, she turned around and Nelo was gone.

In the morning Mary Sue called Kylie and asked her to meet her at the English Café down the street from the store Mary Sue was at.

"What!" Kylie yelled catching everyone's attention. "What the bloody hell you all looking at!"
"Kylie stop, sit now!" Mary Sue blushed in embarrassment.
"Keeping my eyes on you all, especially you old lady."
"Kylie stop," Mary Sue pinched Kylie's arm to get her to pay attention, "I bumped into a boy last night while I was out getting a rain coat. His name is Nelo and he's from the past!"
"And he wants you to help get rid of a bloody dictator that lost power in 2049!" Mary Sue nodded. Kylie shook her head.
"Like I said, I don't want to be part of this. Have fun." Kylie left the table.
"We're meeting in the morning to go." Kylie paused, she gave out a big sigh and continued out the door. Mary Sue smiled and chuckled. A small evil grin grew on her face. Everyone else in the café stared blankly at her. Her eyes turned purple from green then back to green.

"Again sweety?" Mary Sue's asked looking at them.
"Yeah," Mary Sue answered, "something big is coming up."
"If your eyes changed, then yeah your right."

Mary Sue went to her room after dinner and took a nap before heading out. Five hours later, Mary Sue got up and went to the spot she said to be at after midnight. She waited for the boy to show. Nelo appeared with a backpack. He set up a time machine and set the date to December 24, 2025. He looked up at Mary Sue.

"Ready?" He asked getting on.
"Yes" Mary Sue answered after taking in a deep breath.


  • Kanisha the yaoi lover

    Kanisha The Yaoi Lover

    i like it, it seems like an interesting premise, I like how she's actually named Mary Sue, and how she acts. I can't wait for the second part

    Dec 18, 2019

  • Dec 18, 2019

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