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Once again my mind is broken,
The bright happy memories of last summer that I thought were so strong and immortal, 
Are now distant and clouded, 
It seems like the the vivid colours of happiness and peace have faded and fractured, 
Just like autumn leaves that turn-the colour is erased like it never existed,
Nothing looks as bright or warm or inviting, 
Washed in sepia tone it sure is drab and more foreboding, 
I'm a prozac nation mess, 
All my dreams and aspirations I wanted to succeed in now I can't even address. 

The days where the anxiety leaves me ill at ease - lacking sleep and full of self loathing, 
God when I think I had such strength, filled with fortitude, 
It's so ever apparent I'm not coping, 
The one thing no one can ease the visions, the sweats and the shakes, 
I'm a cursed mess is me, holding a clenched fist, 
I can't stop wanting to press harder and my fingers scratch at my wrist, 
The seroquel leaves me feeling drugged and irritable,
I take more pills that lead to toxicity which destroys this mortal vessel, 
The vigour and energy I had just seems to dissipate, 
Like my self esteem I thought I was through with all this self hate. 


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