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''Faded Love"

Love is a great quality. Have you heard someone say to you, "I fell in love"? Certainly you heard so ! What does it mean to fall in love? There is no such thing as really falling in love, but living in love is real. Tell a story.
One day, it was raining big. A girl is walking down the road, she is very blonde. What's more, a boy stared at her. Do they really love the woman? At the same time, an old man scolded the boy. There is talk of love in a TV program. The boy walked to his house. After a long time, the boy went to college and sat opposite the girl in front of him. The lecturer came in and threw the chalk piece on the boy. The difference between love and attraction is unknown to this generation. There are two people working together in a company, one of those two is male named Jack and female named Sam. Jack is afraid of talking to women. But he does want to talk to Sam in mind. One day he started to love her unknowingly. She seemed a little sad but he could not tolerate it. Jack considers her his life. He started talking to her a little. But he had always controlled himself, so he didn't feel bad about her. Jack wanted to marry Sam and live together. The real implication, however, lies here. Jack didn't tell her he loved her. He cared for her many times and loved her dearly. Now is the time, he told her that he loves her. What's more, she didn't admit it. Jack's heart became heavy. He walked from there in silence without saying anything in tears. Jack was affectionate towards her. Over the years, he could not forget her and highly depressed. On one occasion they met. What happens now? Jack rolled his eyes away from her. Sam wept at the time. Why? Sam loves Jack, but why not she admit it in the past? Because she did not realize Jack's love. Over the years she realized his love for her. Will the two of them meet? Jack loved Sam so much that he never married anyone. Then Sam came to Jack and she said, “I love you.” What was Jack's answer now?


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    Dec 17, 2019

  • Daniel Losu Mensah

    Daniel Losu Mensah

    So nice, so genuine.

    Dec 18, 2019

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