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Lives In Fading World !

What yet now ? Are we all happy ? Come I will tell you something ! I'm about to tell you my childhood. I born in winter and not in a rich house ,but in a rich hearted family. At school, it is not necessarily to tell you that I was very silent and an average student . But the trouble lies here , my peers always stresses me and humiliates me because of my innocence in this world ! Many tears for many days in my school days . But I don't tolerate this injust , so I was always complaining about my troubles to teachers and parents ! What happens next? Enemies has raised ! 
Now, in this world why enemies are raised to the people who are doing good works ? People has different characters inside them , but no one can discern what is fair ! So , every person thinks it is fair to do anything that is pleasing himself ! But , look everything you think in mind and feeling yourself that is fair and just, is not really did so ! Very quiet , now in this uncomtempletive world , man is loosing his discipline and doing illicit works and sometimes we watch around that many people are killed brutally . Why does it happen ? The wrongdoers fear the people who have the evidence of their illicit works ! Always , this chaos happening in this world of brutality and notoriousity ! This made man's heart to get distressed and many killed themselves as they can't do anything about this injustice ! 
This are the ''Lives In The Fading World'' .


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