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Him:She had walls round her on it was written "do not trespass you shall be shot." 
I survived
But I was shot again

Her: I'm sorry that my bullet grazed you,come shine your light on me once more

Him: Walls have to fall
For peace there must be war
Though now you call
My pain seeths from a far
I shall come to you
But first lemme nurse my wounds
Scar to scar i sew
Hoping with you to wound

Her : With me love you would
I bet with you I will find 
That light that I've sought
With you my love I have found
The thrill that shook my walls to the ground

Him:The lets build a Castle
Lets get lost in the bliss
A castle, All walls and marble
A castle, all shots to miss

Lexia ft Art k


  • Noela Tum

    Noela Tum


    Dec 17, 2019

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