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My mommy tells me that I’m a handsome young man 

That will one day change the world 

And yet, I feel like a handsome young man 

That will one day have the world change him 

Because everytime I walk by my dad 

It almost feels like he doesn’t want me to do well 

As if he doesn’t want me to succeed 

His words echo off into the halls 

Finding their way through the walls 

Ring around inside my ears for three straight hours 

Until I bang my head 

And everything slows down 

All the noise stops 

And the only thing I can hear 

Are my dad’s words being hammered into my brain 

He says my ideas are a wasted effort 

My thoughts don’t make any sense 

No one would even listen to me 

Because I still don’t know what to say 

His words popcorn inside my head 

The seedlings jump around and blast 

My brain can’t hold it anymore 

I drop my head into a pillow 

Until all the popcorn has settled down 

So now, whenever my mom tells me that I will one day change the world 

I look down and say, 

Mom, everyday I fight a battle with myself 

Because I have a mother that says that I will be remembered 

But I also have a dad 

Who only sees his own mistakes in me 

It feels like two different sides 

With guns pointed at each other 

Ready to shoot 

In case the other side dares to move a muscle

In the middle of the night 

When I try to tell my brain to go to sleep 

It answers that I have unfinished business

I visualize my parents standing on opposite sides

As if they are ready for war 

I see my mom’s mouth move, her nice words spilling out 

Her mouth turns into a handgun 

Her words, into harmless bullets 

When I look the opposite direction

To where my dad’s words are ringing 

I see a father who turns into a cannon 

His words roll into a cannonball 

And meet my mom’s bullets head on in the center 

An explosion that shakes the ground 

Even though my brain shows my parents doing damage to each other 

Every shot fired, every blast 

Makes my head rumble

And every hit 

Takes a bit of my sanity away 

So every morning, when I wake up 

And want to start off fresh 

Want to have a different type of day 

I remember this dream 

That made every word spoken by my parents 

Drill a hole inside my brain 

When people ask me how I am doing 

I don’t expect them to understand

So I instantly reply, I’m doing great 

But in my mind 

I just saw myself and my words

Turn into a bomb 

And blow the rest of my head away 


  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    Believes get in yourself is vital🦋weall have something to give and with even just one supporter that may be enough to follow your dream. Your fathers reaction goes against all ideas of parental support

    Dec 17, 2019

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