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This world is full of selfish people.  Nobody will stay with u without any motive,, they will judge u every moment like they r perfect, they don't do mistakes especially to those who r broken n need someone beside them.. the will only lecture them,, if someone is moody,, has anger issues ,, doesn't mean that he/she doesn't deserve anyone or need to change .. n then u give it the name love,, is this love?? Where u r trying to change someone,, if u really love someone,, u would never ask to change bcz u love for what he/she is and when someone changes,, it changes their identity,, they would never be that chirpy,, that happy.. our behaviour or nature is our identity which should not be changed...


  • I think the punctuation and spelling was deliberate, and as a whole it dhows a thought out piece

    Dec 17, 2019

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