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Well this is something we all go through on a daily basis and there are many things that leads to it...........i am very serious there are a lot and i know stress is very common so why talk about it? Well thats because its part of our health mentally,Emotionally,physically etc.
Stress plays a huge role in our life why?because its an everyday struggle we can stress alot we can stress about work,school,home,other activities its just one roller coaster of a mess when your stress and it affects us in many ways one including your mental health we maintain a daily balance in our everyday rush hour we keep a open minded routine to maintain our day and to keep our mental state balanced but when you're stressing we lose all track/focus and just go off gaurd and thats when that routine gets messed up and we stress more over that secondly our emotional health being stress can also cause you to have breakdowns well some people do when they are over worked i would know stress can cause you to be all worked up from work school exams paperwork house work etc and that can cause you to have an emotional nervous breakdown and this can affect our emotional health we just give up we dont know what to do no more yeah i know how its like thats leads me to my third one physical health our appearance in how we dress and look helps so much why?because we wanna look like we are put together not like we dont know how to keep our act together but stress can take that to a whole new level one minute you're well put together and next when stress hits you're drinking a cup of coffee and your temper goes off from time to time so you see stress plays a part of an everyday life and its ok if you're stress i am too and for that i have to say its ok whenever you get a day off or vacation do yourselves a favour and treat yourself like a king or a queen you dont deserve to be stressed forever putting in all that hard work for nothing you deserve a relaxation time for yourself to relieve your stress and to just focus on you you deserve that treatment so remember if you even feel stressed out just always remember to treat yourself and dont and i repeat don't over work youself or push yourself to much.


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