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Imagine being 4yrs old at the time when your mother is washing your hair in the bathtub as she hums along to her favorite tune. And, while rinsing out the shampoo she applied to your hair moments ago she starts seeing patches of your hair in her palms, and as she's coming to grips with the fact that her baby's hair is falling out she can't help but feel as if it's her fault in a way. 4yr old me was obviously oblivious to what was going on I bet. I was inside the tub playing with my rubber duckie as I couldn't bring the big plushie version inside the tub with me. While dunking the rubber duck into the water only to bring it back out to press along the sides of it to spirt out water I notice tears forming in my mother's eyes. And as she's crying I can't help but notice patches of black fuzz balls in her palms. Getting anxious and unsure of why mom is behaving like this I ask her "What's wrong mommy?" in response she bursts out in years as she stands with my favorite blue and pink towel spread open in front of her. Wrapping it around me, she whispers into my ear "I love you baby drea" while doing so. Not knowing the meaning behind why she said it in such a way I say back to her "I love you too mommy" while wrapping my arms around her waist as she looks down at me with tears streaming down her face and a smile upon her face. 


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