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I get asked constantly by many people in my community mostly girls how do i have so much confidence to go out with my face full of acne or they will constantly ask am i pretty?i know you feel insecure i mean we all do we are just afraid to admit it its ok i am too and i don't mind amitting that i am not perfect i dont have a perfect shape or perfect skin but thats ok eventually i learned how to cope with it and no i am not trying to offend anyone i am just trying to help show your inner and outter beauty and help you with your self worth i was always bullied for being i dont like using the term"fat" but thats what i was referred to as and everytime i see a girl getting shamed for it i just lose my temper thats not a nice thing to tell anyone guys or girls because in the end it hurts them and they will starve themselves because of those hurtful words everything apparently based on looks and all those kind sweethearts out there ends up getting hurt and i hate to witness that for those who are struggling with their self esteem or being bullied about it don't worry lovely's those people who tell you those things just have nothing better to do because if you turn it on them they wont like it then will feel how you felt know your worth you're perfect you're a living perfection know why? have your own unique ways your own unique taste your own unique style everyone is unique in their own special way thats what makes you perfect i am sure you have good sense of humor a good personality and a badass style that you wanna share with people remember you are perfect don't let negative people get the better of you show them you don't care and just work your magic remember don't judge a book by its cover someone may look all how but you dont know their train of thoughts and what they go through on a daily basis because you wouldn't like if the tables turns on you and for those who gets negative feedback hunny know your worth you are perfection ok.


  • Aulner Crimson

    Aulner Crimson

    What a sweet piece of literature, good luck with life.

    Dec 17, 2019

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