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In those mountains echoes their footsteps,their voices , their happiness and their sorrows.The mountains knew their comings and their goings,  Our forefathers and those before them lies in those secred grounds, they knew each bird , animal and each creature by name and by sound, they knew each river by depth and by strength, our ancestors worshiped the the mountains with passion. Tribal wars were fought and resolved in the precious mountains, spirit mediums and rainmakers of all times were born and initiated in those forests, great rulers ,and lawmakers of our nation played hide and seek in those mountains.  Love stories were created within those forests, the forests of our land our birthright, in those huts lies our humble beginnings, our memories and those before us are engraved on trees , in the bushes , on the rocks and within the rivers of our great land,our umbilical cords lies in the soils of that land , the land of our forefathers.    It's in those mountains where peace was made between our ancestors and their enemies, treaties were signed on the rocks of ages, the rocks that hold the secrets of our land , the rocks that were there before we were.   Feminine came and go , wars fought and won but our majestic mountains still stands with pride, death invaded our midst , but our mountains remain standing to shelter the living and the departed, in those mountains where our happiness begins and ends.    Today our great nation our pride is at the verge of collapse, today our mountains are shaken , today poverty strikes , rivers are dry and the soil is thirsty, our great nation has lost it's glory , great turmoils had troubled our nation , our motherland has been put to shame .   Today our mountains cries for restoration, today a  mother wails for her son and daughters, who have been driven into exile. The wise men and women of our nation have abandoned the land of our forefathers, today princes and princesses of our land chose to be slaves in foreign lands,lets get together my fellow countrymen, and reclaim what is ours ,let's take back our legacy,our birthright, let's save our nation ,our great mountains ,our very own symbol of wealth ,peace and prosperity. This is a tribute to my country my Zimbabwe.


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