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Last friday night 
you're busy like a bee 
couldn't talk to each other,

read through our old messages
watch the video celebration of your birthday.
Why I Miss You So Much?

my eyes begin to water 
never get to see your cute smile 
miss you all I could do,

my heart melt like snow 
I'm in a rainstorm 
you're in my head.

Could I Find Something To Do?

wait for you in the cold 
I feel snowstorm inside of me 
you're in my memory,

our love still going strong
you told me been gone for 
few days.

Could I Do Something Past The Time?

couldn't hear your laughter 
miss your jokes 
if I was in your position,

know what it's feel like 
want some quality
with one friend.

I miss your voice 
know you'll be back 
but, I love you so much

my heart melt like snow 
couldn't see or message you.


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