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I want to run away as I don't know how to deal with this what I feel. I was so young not knowing anything but this foid with a hole lot of emotions.

That's why God's word says we have to build your lives on rock it's solid. 

My live as a young person was so full of pain. I was in sranderd 5 that's Gr 7 when all this started all this pain , hurt and mix emotions started.

My sister went out with her (boyfriend ) at that time know her husband, I would go with her to his house and just cost. My time in Luderitz a coastel town in Namibia was  very lonely. 


  • sorry you had to experience pain like that at such a young age when at that age you shouldn't know about depression and lonely- ness, I pray that you found peace today. And all the true friends you can get. god be with her

    Dec 15, 2019

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