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She plays her song in a lonely desert, 
Where only she can hear the echoes 
Of her violin. 
She plays the song of sadness which
Her heart alone could relate to. 
Her strings, broken and her bow 
Divided in two piece. 

She quit playing in high note
And starts playing in harsh note. 
The pain she passed through are
Coming back again like a boomerang. 
Her memories start making flash back
To that very day she trusted in love. 

Regret dancing all over her sacred face. 
Depression dines with her soul. 
Hate becomes her partner in love. 
Broken lines filled her shattered poem lines. 

Violin girl, play me a song- a song of lost love, 
A song of lust love, a song that is surrounded 
With torns of infatuation, a song that part
Two hearts apart like Jack and Rose. 
Play me a song that won't bring back
Lost ended memories. 

Violin girl, is there any love song left in your
No, I guess, for your heart isn't red no more. 
And true love comes from a true heart not just a
Complete void and lone dark heart of nobody. 

Play on, for your song is the song this cracked 
World needs to hear. Every note, every speech 
Your violin utters is really what the world needs. 
Play on! Play on!! Play on!!! 

Ridwan Temitope 
┬ęPen of a True Gemini 



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    Dec 15, 2019

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    Gemini Pride II

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    Dec 15, 2019

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