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This was the first deer who didn't like Christmas....

Every year the little deer had to pose in front of a Christmas tree.
The children took him out, each time of the year, out of the box.
He became very unhappy of that, but the
children didn't know. They thought the poor deer was free! 
"Come Peter, we are going to decorate the Christmas tree..." said the little sister Lisa. 
"All right. It's becoming time! screemed Peter from the cellar. 
All the boxes were piled in the basement. 
Peter took one of the stocks and put it down. 
" Be carefull. "answered Lisa.... her brother. 
They opened the box and took the deer out. 
His heart was beating very hard. 
The poor animal couldn't say nothing because he was very sad about his slippers! 
Every year the same uncomfortable pantofles! 
He was the first christmas' deer to put on such slippers! 
Poor little animal... 


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