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Many people could tell you to change your ways just to please them or to bring you down even if its the most smallest act in your ways especially if you have an opinion to me i believe everyone could speak their minds.........why? Because in the end everyone opinions matter and no one actions would harm me in any way unless you just are that mean.
But in the end there are those who are very quick to judge without knowing what exactly that person is going through and i could understand that you been going through alot the least thing you wanna hear is someone telling you about your imperfection which is not very helpful because no one is perfect everyone is special in their own special way just like how everyone is talanted in their own way not everyone has same taste but don't change yourself  for anyone just be you and always speak your mind no one can't stop you from that your life is your life no one can stop you from having fun and enjoying it so if anyone ever tells you change don't even listen don't change a thing you are perfect as you not as someone your not and always speak your mind your thoughts and opinions matter.


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    Dec 15, 2019

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    Dec 15, 2019

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