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Dear everyone, some of u know me but most of them don't and that's oh ok. My friends and my family i love them so much and they mean everythings to me and my mom is beautiful and nice, sweet and kind as well and i always tell my mom everything that happened to my life and my young sister i know I'm mean to my younger sister a lot but i want to change that cuz one day i will need her help in the future and my baby sister i love her so much and she put joy in me and i felt happy when my baby sister is around me cuz she put a smile on my face and i always liked to play with me and my step dad I'm still getting used to him coming to my life but just know that it will take sometime i will promise you that. My born father i missed him so much and i love him so much because i always think about him Everyday and wishing that he was here with me and my dad's family cuz i want to had fun with him. My mom's family they are fine but sometimes they all need to get over the past and let me be whoever i know because i felt that they won't loved or treat me the same liked used time and i just wanted to say that they need to get over the part and let me be whoever i want without asking me for who i am. My dad's family i felt so happy and loved because will they always understand how i feel with my life and understanding of who i am and i felt happy and free for who i am because they will understand without asking me and i am so happy. My mom won't understand because when i try to tell her one thing she will always asks me questions and i don't even had anything to say because i don't had answer for that question because i don't understand and i just wanted to tell my mom that I'm transgender and i don't even know how will i do it and pretty much everything else that happen to my life so yah 


  • Aww that is so sweet

    Dec 15, 2019

  • Dec 15, 2019

  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    Very courageous writing 🦋

    Dec 17, 2019

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