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Growing up was really hard

I learned all about having a broken heart

Love was only a big white lie

And I tried my best to always try

But no matter the cost 

I had always lost

No matter the battle I had fought

No matter the weapon I had brought 

Darkness is my best friend 

But turned into my foe

When I realized I was alone

My smile was fading away

Even though I wasn’t happy I smiled anyway

Every person became my enemies

And it felt like I was dying for centuries

I’d pray to the moon and the stars

I’d wish love to be brought by far

Every friendship was broken and hurt

I felt like burying myself in the dirt

No matter how many people I had

I felt like the whole world was bad

Every direction I turned

And every lesson I had learned 

Didn’t make any sense 

And around my heart was a barb wire fence

In other words, I didn’t let anyone in

It turned out darkness was my best friend


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    Dec 14, 2019

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    Feliciana Quiroz


    Dec 14, 2019

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