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Learning to love yourself isn't a sign your arragent  and seif indulged, it means you will be able to love your spouse with every breath you have put within your chest  it means that your kids will know what being humble is all about and see kindness all about it beings out the good your soul needs to let  everyone see the beautiful and the warming  glow that seep right down into your toes.Its never to late to learn to love yourself set back and watch the look that people have for the ones that have finally learned  threw whatching you living life,and forgetting about what you think are your
flaws. Your spouse can finally set back and watch as you shower your kids friends and all your liv d ones. the power of love that you have showed Through  the actions that bring the best within your soul  is all that will be seen. All because you set down and have learned what living yourself really means
        By Rebecca Green


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