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     Today, humanity cannot even joke about having "ninety-nine problems, but blank ain't one." We could have at least as many problems as their are people in the world. However, I believe every one of humanity's problems can be traced back to one underlying cause: our insecurities as a whole. And whether you agree with me or not is irrelevant—I'll explain this as well, but hear this out first. 

     If we were to each start allowing a mere one percent more of our true selves to shine through whatever façade we put out to the world, we will have done a great service. This would not only be a service to yourself, but also to this planet and the rest of humanity. 

     Sufi mystic and 13th-century poet, Jalāl ad-Din Rumi, or Rumi, claimed, "[Our] task is not to seek for love, but to merely seek and find all the barriers within [ourselves] that [we] have built against it."

     At around the age of six, likely due to the start of our school years and social lives, our tiny developing minds become enslaved in a prison of their own making. It may begin at a later age, but will ultimately be brought on with puberty. Along with our changing bodies, what makes middle school a nightmare for nearly everyone, are the insecurities that form false beliefs we pick up—believing that your worth as a human being is based on your achievements, that people have to like you, if you're not popular then you're a loser, and it's not fair because life is unfair. 

     After high school, when we are set loose into the world, those beliefs that held us back from being ourselves start to dissolve as we are given another chance at living the lives we want to live. This time we are more confident, having social experience and not dealing with puberty. But sometimes, these insecurities surprisingly return. In fact, they'd never left. 

     You find yourself doing the same thing that helped get you through the twelve-year-long masquerade of your past. This time, however, multiple masks are juggled to get through the day. Even if it's not a full-faced mask, there may still be a lingering fear or insecurity that holds you back from being your true self. 

     It's time to quit with the charade. Nobody is getting any younger with the years moving at the rate they've been going. Unless your passion is acting, in which I wish you the very best in your loveless life of never knowing who you truly are, it's time to start living your life. And it all starts with Giving Zerø Fucks. 

     People are so serious about everything. Especially when it comes to their job, where they will refuse to help a fellow human out in the smallest way because they want others to think that they care about store policy. Did we not learn anything from Heath Ledger's Joker in The Dark Knight

     "Why so serious?"

     Don't take things so seriously. Give yourself permission to act like a fool or an idiot sometimes. Let your goofy-side out. Start expressing who you are to the world. Say to yourself, "Who gives a fuck?" 

     If you're concerned about what others may think of you, I have something to let you in on… NOBODY is thinking of you! Most people are likely thinking the same as you and don't have time to worry about what you're doing. 

     Also, get over yourself! You're not that important to anyone besides your family and loved ones. Which reminds me… Never save the self-expression of your innate perfection for those that will accept you no matter what. Take some risks. 

     If you're worried about what a potential partner may think of you, Quit it! Just be yourself. If h/she is interested in you, you've already won. If you're not sure, maybe h/she isn't into you. If that be the case, fuck 'em. If they're too blind or dumb to see the beauty you bring to the world, then they don't deserve you. It's their loss. 

     Express what you are and allow people to reject it if that's what they decide to do. Just make sure they got a glimpse of that beautiful soul of yours first. Embrace the vulnerability of putting yourself completely out there and think of the excitement of not knowing what will happen. Compare it to your mundane life of doing the same things everyday. 

     And simply let whatever happens, happen. 


  • Shibu Pusheen

    Shibu Pusheen

    This is so inspiring.

    Dec 13, 2019

  • Jan 29, 2020

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