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                            Chapter 1
There I was... Thinking everything is fine in life. I mean what was I doing, I knew what I was doing was wrong but I still went ahead anyway. There I saw the one thing I came here for... THE GOLDEN RING. It was an ancient thing back then and we all the know the more older it is the more money it cost! The Golden Ring just stood there looking at nothing like it knew I was going to get it. I walk foward to it, All of it's glory suprised me... But it was too late. By the time,I stop adoring The Golden Ring.. I've been caught. My whole I thought that I would get away. Ughh.. My brain was annoyed from thw sirens... I felt dizzy and had a headache. Awe, How could it end to this? BLANK I had awoke from my bit-little nap. But was it really me but i'm in the hospital.. How?! Noone else followed me! Wait.. I remember the police... Did they took me? No? Why i'm I at a hospital? In that moment I spoted someone.. They were wearing A BLACK HOODIE AND DARK BLUE JEANS. Who was he or she? I quite did'nt tell.. But all I know is that they saved my life and, how did they know I was there? 
" Hey? Do I know you?" I said confusing. The mysterious person seems to be shocked once I had said that. " Yeah! You remember me!" They said so excited "Huh?" I said so shocked. I had no idea who this is but the person seems to know me. I had to not hurt there feelings, What distraction should I pull? But one was already made for me. A nurse pop out of the door having a clipboard and a white long dress and a nurse hat. " Hey!How's it going" she greeted. " Good! " i said but still I wanted to ask here what had happen to me.. i didn't want to ask the mysterious person because they would probably get mad at me for not knowing who they were.
I had to asking the nurse is no point.. She/he witness what had happen to me. I walked back into bed but lean foward and looked at the person. They looked so calmed and quiet. But once they saw me, they started talking to me asking so many questions.... For me to handle. I actually felt dizzy and seeing so many questions around me. " Hey? Um... Is this-" I was cut-off by she/he. " Hey? Do you know who i'm?" They said so wondering. Um... I don't want to upset them... Ugh! Think! Who are you? " Sorry... Just let me think" i said. I tryed and tryed. Ugh! But I couldn't think of anyone the only person I could think of was my dad and mom. The first reason I was there getting it was because of my dad. FlashBack: " Hey sweetie, Can you do daddy a favor?" He asked. Of course as tiny as I can be i said " Sure! Anything for you! Daddy!" I said that in the cutest smile. " Oh great! How does it sound like following daddy for today?" He said. "Sure" I also said in a smile. He started getting the car keys and a scarf and told me to get some clothes for outside coldness. I packed away some clothes. As I was a little and didn't understand a single thing was happening as I taught it was a trip. But that was changed once we were far...
There it was my dad had lead me out the car. Then my dad said " Hey Sweetie,wait for me here." He said so softly. I almost did not hear him. There he walk farther and farther untill I couldn't see him.. I cryed because I was only little and thought that he has been taken by a monster. But no I had the wrong idea HE HAD ABANDONED ME. I thought he was going to get something but no he never came back after a couple of days I had no food or water I was going to die... I had only juice bottle I had when we went tio the trip. But why would he abandoned me? What did I did to him? But I never had gotten an answer and I always I thought he loved me but for some reason wanted me gone... I couldn't help cry and be so sad for those days thinking what I was doing wrong. But that's when I meet her...


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    Sky 667

    Nice Very Wonderful

    Dec 13, 2019

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    Shibu Pusheen

    I would update it time to time.

    Dec 13, 2019

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