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A wide enough emplacement that is not so lanky and so abridged!! 
How greeny you are?

Yes!! -You are the field to solace and unwind;
Could I am describing the place around me? 
Yeah! Exactly!!! 

Every Tom, Dick and Harry enters into you to endore themselves, I pretend to be away from you silently!! 

Do you think am I got feared ? 

Nah!! I usually watching the threat of their's;
You-Yes you are an coupled option..
One of mine best is
When he begot a firey globule, I just kicked it.
I got wound.
After a days, when  Ally  likes you, I had demised with you;

Even my Amigo is with you more than with me;
When he enters in the sod, and kicks it
It looks like a fire which emerging out!! 
When he strike at you;
You are thrown a distance away and makes them jubilant!! 
With a key of success;

If you hit them, it makes an accident ;
As I said, you are an option!! 
Either made one to get success or one to failure.. 
You are the place where you changed many people lives;
And  the bounce of ball you made many people!! 

      Finally in love with soccer!!!! Infinite love!!! Crazy on you my bounce!! 

                                   -with TURF love ⚽



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