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when i was a little kid 
i never knew the things i did

when i was a little kid i was always the happy one
Now i am all grown up and my growth is done

as a little kid i was happy to be alive
now if i die i dont want a revive

i never knew depression until i was 13
first time i felt was when someone was being mean

now its a big pain in my life 
its why i cut with the knife

but i get we all have the same problem
theres no cure just to solve em 

life is rough
life is tough

its like what is the point of living 
its like my life is unforgiving

when i was a kid i thought life was easy
but then i learned when i was part of the needy

my thoughts tell me if i cut everything will be fine
but each poem i write each cut i have there will always be a story behind each line

when i was a little kid 
           by: theo


  • It so good..It rhymes with ending word choice.

    Dec 13, 2019

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