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I had  a complete mental and emotional break down on night of my birthday  over kids being gone not being able to work and loosing all of my property and all my family pictures and completely lost all of my dad's pictures whom has passed away and I was crying I think the hardest I ever have and remembered screaming into my pillow why  why why because I could not figure out why if the was a god why or how did he justify   doing this to my kids and I and just could see no reason and ultimately decided there is no god well the next day I had thought about some things night before and the next day I was putting some things together looking at connections with atty and prosecutor and entire situation all the similarities and then I heard " I choose you"  and I was like why me I cant even afford an atty then  it said because I knew you could handle this  and it reminded  me I had said  I would do it all over again  if it were to stop the coruption and fix life's that were ruined and  save people's lives  for I definitely would and right then on TV edward snowden was on in an interview  and at that moment edward was explaining how he justified  his actions and how it bennifitted the entire country as a whole  for the better of all us citizens  I  started cring immediately for which I knew this was a devine cause  and it was self explained  and all the little thoughts Ive been shown and given in up to this point  it all made sense for the first time and it really struck a cord ok so at that point my belief in God was restored 110% and fast forward to this week when I watched the Mark Taylor prophecie the Kim clement Trump prophecy and Trey Smith prophecy review  I had seen them a time  ago but in one of the three he said that God said that there would be a sign like this sign I had just had with  snowden but not snowden which was wiki leaks but right when he said there would be sign like snowden I knew it was all connected and that I was one of the anointed as that of Trump that has been placed in position a seed planted  for this very moment cause as they said that when this all happens it was going to happen very fast and it would go from the white house the highest levels of government all the way to local government judges and other positions of power  but essentially all branches of government as well as  the churches cause they have been  corrupted as well he said God would have his choosen ones and they wouldn't be who everyone  would think they would be and they would know who they are once it started to happen  I firmly believe I am one by these signs and there is quit a few others I don't wanna reveal cause people would think I'm nuts but in my case we have cps Handbook for Minnesota we have ever since this started and they didn't follow any of their own polices or procedures and I can't stress enough how bad they did not do their job like it was purposely done in the  the worst way possible  I remember saying all the way through it I'm going to have best case ever to sue the living day lights outta these guys and my thought through this whole thing that kept me going was that my dad was doing all of this to set me up a lawsuit from other side but couldn't believe he would do that to kids  and me  but this is have no doubt and I was confirmed went to Sunday school all the way to high school and always have been on everything to not to do wrong onto people o like almost everyone I know and tried to help as much as I could I dunno I think my parents raised  me right I haven't gone to church for at least ten years but I dont feel what they teach or preach is exactly right and God told this Mark the churches are just as corrupt so yeah that is almost all of it but it was definitely a turning point and a other reason when radio show was canceled I took it as being so bad I thought it was part of this plan and it wasn't happening and I was wrong but  I know it's not and I know in the months to come  life is going to change dramatically  for the better of humanity all together the time is up for those who are corrupt o 


  • Dec 13, 2019

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