A Spot Where Your Rights Aren't Found Read Count : 194

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Locked in your cell as your wheels start turnin. stowed away in this jail and your thoughts start burning. can't seem to stop this constant returning.. unable to see any changes or lessons you're learning. everyones to blame its always the same, especially for those caught in the game. take the drugs you sell combined with that punk that just had to tell..now you've entered this man made hell.   commit no crimes is what they say. careful because those misdemeanors are sure to pay. and your entire sentence you will stay. unlike the felons who are matrixed back out to play. really what kind of message are they trying to protray?    our justice is blind when it comes to some crimes. rapist released as property crimes do twice the time. apparently our lawmakers are the lowest of slime.   confusion leads to disbelief as child molesters do less time than a common thief. confined to your cell unanswered questions are born. send out a kite and watch it be torn. man i thought there was an oath once sworn.  our freedom is taken until your innocence is found. its obvious our rights are thrown to the ground. go ahead and bitch and complain as loud as you can! with your criminal voice which carries no sound. lost in the cracks and loopholes is where our criminal justice will forever be bound. leaving everyone guilty until otherwise found. doesn't matter how you ended up on this fucked merry go round. everyone is left just the same. unable to understand how anything but chaos can ever be found. stuck in a spot where rights aren't found.    by Natalie Krieger-Bowling 3/10/2011


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