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Above this heavenly skies
Lies a lamp that nourishes
The darkness on earth. 
Looking so bright but tend 
Not to see my tears- the tears i
Shed underneath it all seeing eye. 
So glowing but never will it see the evil
That hunts man in the dark.

Come with me, 
let go play under the moon- the moon
That sees us everyday but not kind enough 
To reveal to us the darkness of our soul. 
I wonder if our sacrifice isn't enough for the 
Moon goddess. 
We eat, we dance, we sleep underneath you
but that isn't enough for you to believe we trust
You, and save of us from the danger within. 

Here I am again with my heart pacing faster
To the beat of the broken drum, that sounded hurt 
To every hit that the broken hearted sticks made. 
And there you're sitting above my head listening 
but tend to turn a deaf ear to what you clearly heard.
And what if the moon goddess has feelings 
For me, could it be the reason why she refused to 
Shine on me her light to see the true heart for me?  

Moonlight! moonlight!! 
Show me the light you promised me 
At the end of this blind tunnel, 
For I need it to shine my heart
Out this gloomy world of Love. 

Ridwan Temitope 
┬ęPen of a True Gemini


  • how beautiful

    Dec 12, 2019

  • Gemini Pride II

    Gemini Pride II

    Thank you so much

    Dec 13, 2019

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