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Since the day that we met I instantly knew a connection between us of extreme magnitudes.
Your caring attitude and manners like the good southern way ,
Filled me with weakness of joy to complete my day,
Your charisma and energy , spontaneous indeed 
Had me filled with happiness leaving me intrigued 
I craved your presience the thrill of the unknown
The overwhelming happiness that I was shown
You have a reputation that made me think twice 
Quickly I learned to not take a outsiders advice
My heart started melting the more you let me in .
The stories you told me where you had been.
The pain you felt kept reacurring let down always taking the blame
That steps that slowly molded you to not be the same
I trusted your words i trusted your character
I trusted the bond we had before you became the secert editor 
I thought for once I had someone to finally understand
The pain and sadness fear at hand
You was my reason the smile on my face 
My beautiful story of leather and lace 
The man I ignored messages and all
Ended up being my heart's one call
I crave you want you every second of the day 
Including your insults and ass head comments you'll say
I fell for you fast i fell for you hard
Meanwhile the whole time I held the joker's card
I want to regret you hate you memories to disappear 
But it's hard to do so when losing them memories has became my biggest fear 
I'll love you with silence I'll love you from a far 
But no matter what whoever is next  you lifted the bar 
No one understands why I choose you 
But I could care less if they ever do 
Your my only beautiful unregreted regret.


  • Dec 12, 2019

  • Dec 12, 2019

  • Dec 13, 2019

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