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I sit and I shiver alone with my fear .
What will come next what evil is near.
I shake I cry beg God for the light.
With the future so faded hardly insight.
Can this be real I whisper in silence. 
There's no way i have dealt with this kind of vileness.
Most days and nights come with hours I've lost .
Obsession from him my life is the cost.
I've screamed for help voice in pain lost my mind went mentally insane.
I ask myself what's wrong with me 
Why am i like this what do they all  see 
Ugly and weak fragile all gray.
With few words spoken with nothing to say
My head hangs low hopeless is here
Is this my last day a life of fear.
Not knowing is torture a suspense of it's own.
The evil that stalks me won't leave me alone. 
I've asked for help my pride it sored 
To get nothing but silence completely ignored.
Yall have the choice to make individually        to protect me from harm mental an physically
But if I'm left to keep fighting all on my own  
Next time you'll see me Black you'll have on 


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