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Woooooh... What's that sound? 
Oh! Thats just the wind singing 
And the autumn leaves backing up
Its song as it swings them across the streets. 

I sit underneath these pains, 
That dashes through my veins, 
Inside this stormy rain, 
That strikes through this plain skies. 
Why does my life revolves 
around this empty love? 
Why can't I be free just like autumn leaves
dance to the trumpet of the wind? 

I used to be a love fairy but now that
My wings are lost, am I a fey 
or a goblin that exchange love for gold? 
Why does my heart feels like a nut
That is cracked with mere cracker?  
Why can't my love life be as beautiful 
Just like autumn leaves that dance to 
The trumpet of the wind? 

My heart used to be hive for bees, 
But not anymore for my hive is as lonely as
an empty space. 
When will my space be filled with friends, 
Just like the way autumn leaves gathered 
On the street during winter?
When will my life be so free to nature 
Just like autumn leaves are free to
Constant changes of nature? 
When! When!! When!!! 

Ridwan Temitope 
©(Pen of a True Gemini) 
Facebook: Gemini Pride II
Twitter: Gemini Pride II 
IG: teeblaze4u
Number: 09039425149


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