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Happiness- success- attraction -
adoration energy Sparkle impact goals- achievement- introspective -Vision- future -growth- strength -forgiveness -self love -self discipline
 inner monologue -stimulating -soothing -perky- adoring- healthy- bodacious -vivacious -Pleasant -positive- influence -searching -new knowledge- advancing -mental fortitude --stamina -smiling -kissing- no regrets//
 no fear- investigatory nature -unselfish- loved ones -friendship- honesty- compassion- empathy- communication skills- rapport building
 open-mindedness- Musical- edgy- inspired -amused- thrilling -excitement -satisfaction- hunger -fulfillment- peace- calm- silence -observing- appreciating- style -individuality- faithful -powerful-
 intense- sleepy- DreamWork -sweat- breathe deep- swim-
 love- laugh- learn -
and play in the dirt....:)


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    Dec 12, 2019

  • Dec 24, 2019

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