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You push me up against the wall, pinning my arms above my head as you kiss me ever so gently. With each kiss you give me, my heart beats faster making me crave your intense sexual desire more. You pick me up making me wrap my arms and legs around you. You say..."close your eyes and trust me," so I do. You lay me on this soft, lavender smelling bed, while kissing me everywhere. 

     You slowly kiss up and down my chest causing me to yearn for more. You slowly take off my clothes waiting to see how I'll respond, but once you notice that my only response is longing to be pleasured by you. You unbutton my pants and take them off, you start using your teeth to pull of my thong. I grab a hand full of your hair and tell you..." You need to take me in and make me yours." You kiss my inner thighs and slowly, but not causally move towards my pussy without even looking at me to see how I'm reacting to this sexual enticing pleasure. 

     You move your way up and slowly moving your tongue up and down, swaying from one side to the other making me moan and yell your name. Biting my clit as you explore deep inside me with your tongue. Loving every second of it. I just lay there waiting for that sensation to become a temptation, slowly turning into a demanding request to full fill your throbbing needs.

     Your kisses make it so hard for me to resist the urge to undress you and stick your dick in my mouth until you cum or stick it inside of me. Longing for that sexual need. You pick me up and scoot me towards the edge of the bed, taking my hands placing them on your zipper. I slowly unbutton your pants and unzip them, while pulling them down bringing your boxers down with them. 

     I move my mouth slowly towards your dick and slide my tongue across the tip just enough to tease you making you want more. I look up at you and kiss you, making sure you're begging for more. When I hear you say "Don't stop," I lean my head back down and put your dick in my mouth. I suck on you as you're grabbing my hair and leaning your head back. You say "Stop, I'm at my breaking point and I'm gonna end up cumin in your mouth." I just ignore you and continue, knowing what I'm doing to you is driving you crazy. 

 I stand up and take your shirt off as you are unfastening my bra. I wrap my arms around your neck and kiss you. Moving one arm from around your neck to grabbing one of your arms. Moving it to my pussy so that you can see how wet I am and what you do to me. I love that I'm the only one that can make you feel so out of control, it drives you insane. I love that you want me and all that comes with me. I lay back on the bed pulling you down with me, causing you to rub your dick against my pussy as you lay on top of me. 


You move your body against mine causing me to get even wetter and want you to just go deep inside of me. You slowly move your dick towards my pussy and rub your dick against it. As I'm moaning you slowly slide your dick inside of me, and move in and out. You go faster and faster making you even harder and me even wetter. 

I moan your name as you continue to make me as wet as you possibly can til' I'm heavily breathing beneath you. Longing for you to never stop, you pull out of me and leave. When you come back you have two glasses, one has Champagne and the other has ice. You take a drink of the Champagne and then take another drink. 

You then kiss me allowing the Champagne to leave your mouth and into mine. You grab an ice cube putting it into your mouth just enough to allow a small part of it lay against your lips. You move over the top of me and slide both your mouth and the ice down me from my chest to both of the inner parts of my thighs. Sending pleasurable  chills down my spine leaving me wanting more. 

You take your time rubbing the ice on my inner thighs before you move it to my clit. As you slowly and gently rub it on my clit I'm completely breathless, and every touch sends pleasure chills through my body. I grab a hold of the bed sheets as you move your tongue over my clit and slowly into my pussy. You move your tongue in, and move it down and up, from one side to the other. 

You move your tongue out of my pussy and take my hand leading me to the bathroom. You turn on the water, then kiss me while still holding my hand and step into the shower. The space that's between us doesn't last long once you pull me in close to your body under the warmth of the water. You kiss my lips tenderly moving to my neck and slowly my chest. With my heart still beating fast I just stand against the shower taking in every ounce of pleasure that you're causing. 

Knowing how much you've taken complete control of my body I fight the urge to grab onto your hair pulling you up. You keep going down and get my heart beat to beat faster. As you're kissing your way down to my pussy you just suddenly stop at my belly-button. You take your tongue and move my piercing from side to side.

With me now at the edge of my breaking point you take your time tonguing my pussy. You lift me up and slowly move your dick inside me. I press my hands against the shower walls as your dick moves in and out of me. I moan your name over and over again until I can't take it anymore. 

You caress my neck with your tongue, making me ache with the one pleasure only you can cause me. The ache I feel when you move your tongue up and down my neck just simply perfect. It's that uncontrollable feeling I get, because not only are we enjoying this moment together. But we have caused each other to want the other more than ever, and the bond that wasn't there before sure is there now.

You put a blindfold on me and take my hand telling me to let you lead the way. I let you lead the way without even questioning you, then I hear a door open and you put me into the passenger seat if a car and buckle me. You kiss my lips and say "Just a little while longer." You stop the car and get out, then you get me out and take my hand again leading me somewhere. I smell burning wood an melted chocolate, when you tell me to take the blindfold off... I end up asking you "Where are we?" You gently kiss my lips and pull me down into the cabin couch on top of you.

You press your chest against mine, once you feel my heart beating in tune with yours you kiss my neck. I grab the back of your head and whisper in your ear "If you continue kissing my neck, we'll never make it to eating our dinner." You kiss my neck even more and wrap your left arm around me and hold me against you. When I try to lift my arms you flip me underneath you, and pin my arms above my head. 

You kiss up and down my neck as you slowly move your hand (that's not pinning my arms above my head) towards the top of my pants. You realize that I've made it a bit harder for you this time, so you get irritated and just tear my belt right off of my waist. You unfasten my pants and slide your hand down to my pussy. You move your fingers to the tip of my pussy and slowly slide your index and middle finger inside me. 

Not wanting to let you hear me yell your name I bite my bottom lip instead. You look up at me and kiss me turning my every will against me, making me crave for your touch even more than I have. The slightest touch of you sends quivering chills up and down my spine and makes it hard for me to keep my mouth shut. You drive me crazy and even the slightest glance drives me insane craving for you. 

You ask me "If I'm enjoying myself?" I say "yes," so you slide your dick inside me slowly and then speed up your pace within each thrust causing me to moan. You then thrust deep inside me making me breathless, and run my nails down your back. When you pull out and slide your fingers deep inside me, I ache and shatter deep inside. You then put your dick back inside me. With each deep thrust I could feel how much pleasure you were causing me, how much I was shaking from the inside out. 

The moment you pull out and kiss me passionately; I could feel the throbbing and the need of you wanting to cause me so much pleasure again. You kissed my neck, biting it a bit and then moving down until you've reached the inner parts of my thighs right next to the top of my pussy. You kiss those spots over and over and then you bite them, you move your tongue across from one side to the other letting your tongue gently touch my clit. 

I slowly wrap my legs around you yelling, " AH FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK ME HARDER!" You then slide your dick back inside me and move deep and move from one side to the other. I tell you "Don't stop, just don't stop!" I kiss you then wrap my arms around your neck, slowly running my fingers through the hair on the back of your head.

You gently kiss my lips, while your hands trace their way from my boobs down to the tip of my inner thighs. I feel the tease beginning to really turn me on. The way you guide one hand over my pussy, and slowly rub your fingers on my clit. 

When you go down on me, you tease me by biting and kissing my inner thigh. You keep doing it til' you feel me aching with just a single touch. You take your time, but not too much that I ache more. You take your tongue, and swiftly moved it into my pussy. You tongued my pussy in and out over and over for a solid hour.

When you pulled your tongue out, and you gradually shoved three fingers into my pussy making the aching ness I'm feeling become uncontrollable. As you're fingering my pussy, you move your mouth to my chest and start sucking on my tits. I moan in pleasure and yell your name, and damn oh how I love this. 

You get up and walk towards the bathroom, looking back at me. I get up to follow you and you turn around, head towards me. Grabbing my waist you push me up against the wall and kiss me. You pin my arms above my head, taking your dick and pushing it inside me. With the aching I already have I shake more with every thrust you make.

You go from fucking me to putting my arms above my head and you then get the rope and tie my arms and then my legs. You then ask me "what is the one thing you love most?" I respond with "Baby the way you move your tongue over my clit and then into my pussy. The way you bite my neck and kiss from my neck down to my boobs and then from my boobs to my inner thighs and just the way you kiss my there is the best sensation ever. I dont want you to ever stop loving on me the way you do."


  • Dec 12, 2019

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