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I seem to miss joy or sorrow, I end up somewhere in the middle. Teetering on Life's threat to stress me out, yet it never seems to quite overwhelm me.
Maybe that's because I figured it out stuff happens whether I'm in or out.
If I give too much to the dark side it slows my stride, or if I give too much to the finer things in life l get swallowed up by pride, and that slows my stride.
So depression or joy?
It's truly my choice, circumstances or not the fight has to be fought, I'd rather will the sword as the master of my own soul, then sellout to a copout that leaves me forlorn.
So the answer for me is yes the script can be flipped as long as I control it.
© Maria Cruz 2019


  • Outstanding writing. Love it!💜

    Dec 12, 2019

  • Wow Incredible And Super Superb :)

    Dec 12, 2019

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