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To the comment about being a girlfriend.
You slept your way to that NAME NEAR MY END.
You want to marry and he made the deal with a stipulation.
And to marry him flea, look for adrienne search a nation.
If you look at why he wants either of you, it's for benifit for him.
And when your all out of ideas its then your bitter end.
Yall real nasty, yeah I get it, he's only mad at me cause I'm not with it.
So showing me a chocolate girl, claiming he loved her.
Thats fine it's his choice but he will never fully have her.
All of you have flaws thats worsted then mines.
Say for instance you get fucked up off one glass of wine.
Strong mind strong woman, y'all mad cause soon I'll be winning.
Cute face medium waiste, if I want him back I'll run the race.
But since I dont, and I let you have him, Im going to carry on with my new one he also wears magnums.
I haven't lost anything and I didn't loose my dignity, and still in all I still have me.
Money make you change thats clear to see. Learn to Keep it real with your self , to keep it real with me.


  • Dec 12, 2019

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