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This started off as a book I was working on a couple years back but I scrapped it so... Here's and exerpt. 

The Maddisons were a happy, healthy and loving family. They didn’t have a lot, just each other and that was more than enough for each other. 

Denzel, the oldest of two brothers was sitting in the living room, on the tv was the news. Denzel, of course, couldn’t care less about the weather and what was happening.. As usual, he blocked it out… This event, this one decision… Would haunt him forever. Iris, the youngest, ran down the stairs and onto the couch.

“Denzel!” The young boy, excited to see his brother, spoke loudly.
“Yes?” Denzel, absorbed in his phone, absently responded.
Iris made a face and watched his brother for a moment then spoke, “Let’s go outside~” he glanced at the tv and made another face. “Ew. News.”
Denzel laughed a bit, put his phone away and turned to his brother, “Going outside sounds gre–” he tilted his head, noticing Iris was staring at the tv. “Iris…”

Iris, remaining motionless, had become paranoid. He quickly turned to Denzel.
“A freak earthquake? A freak earthquake!? Do those even exist?!” All this talk was causing Iris to hyperventilate. Denzel quickly turned Iris to face himself, “Hey.. Looks at me.. Calm down.. Okay?” He stared into Iris’ eyes, waiting for a response. Iris slowly looked at Denzel, “Th-That’s… Near where we live..” Iris’ eyes started to water, the fear in his eyes saddened Denzel.

“Hey.. Iris… Look at me,” Denzel paused, “You’re going to be okay… Even if the earthquake effects us… I won’t let anything happen to you.. I promise.” He wiped Iris’ eyes and smiled.

“You mean that?” Iris’ voice shook a bit. Denzel looked at him, his voice softened “Have I ever let you down before?” Iris shook his head then looks at Denzel “N-No..” Denzel flashed a confident smile to make Iris feel better… To be honest he was terrified. He didn’t really know if the earthquake would affect them… If anything would happen to them. Iris was all he had, what would he do if something were to happen to him..? Just the thought put a lump in Denzel’s throat, he took a breath and stood up. “Hey.. Let’s go to bed.. It’s pretty late..” After a moment, he looked around “Iris!”

“I’m upstairs!” Iris called out from his bedroom. Denzel stood and jogged upstairs and into Iris’ room. “What time is it?” Denzel asked, glancing around Iris’ untidy room.

“Uh. 9:45 p.m” Iris blankly glanced at the clock and responded. He was completely absorbed in his manga.

“You and your manga, ” Denzel chuckled, “It’s like you’re in a totally different world..”

Iris, obviously not paying attention to Denzel, did not respond. “Could you leave.. I’m in the middle of this– Gah!” Before Iris could finish his sentence, Denzel had pounced on him. “RAWR!” Denzel started tickling Iris, laughing in an “evil” way. Iris tried holding in his laughing, that plan failed.. The laughter burst out of him, in an attempt to block Denzel, Iris curled up into a ball.

Iris and Denzel had fallen asleep curled up together, as they do most nights. Iris blinked his eyes open and looked at the clock, “Midnight..” He whispered to himself.. Iris went to lie down when his stomach suddenly growled. “Damn. You have timing…” Iris slowly sat up and looked at his sleeping brother. “I love you..” He whispered then stood and went downstairs in an attempt to find something soothing to his picky stomach.

Denzel was woken when the bed suddenly shook. It was no ordinary shaking, it was massive, and violent. The vibration was strong enough to knock him out of bed. In a panic, Denzel looked around for his brother. “Iris!!” He tried to stand but was quickly knocked down and into the book shelf. Denzel quickly grabbed onto the wall, “Iris!! Where are you?!” With one final blow, all Denzel could hear was glass shattering, hissing of wires then sudden silence… The shaking had finally stopped..

When Denzel finally recovered his balance, he ran around the second floor, “Iris! Iris!!” The panic he felt started to intensify, Denzel started to choke on his words, “Wh-Where are…. You!?” Deciding his brother was not on the same floor, Denzel jogged down stairs and searched all around. Just when he had given up he heard a cough coming from the living room. Denzel’s eyes shot open, he booked into the room then froze. His eyes widened. He walked over and kneeled beside his brother..

“D-Denzel..?” Iris coughed again, “I… I can’t feel my legs…” Denzel looked at shattered windows and the glass shards all along Iris’ legs, Denzel slipped one of his arms under his brother neck and propped him up. Iris’ body shook a bit as he slowly turned to look at Denzel.

“H-How do you feel?” Denzel forced the words into a sentence. Iris stared for a moment “I… I feel numb… I don’t really feel much..” Denzel’s visioned started to blur he quickly wiped his eyes with his free hand and looked at Iris, “I’m glad you didn’t g-get.. Too hurt..” Denzel smiled. Iris’ shaking worsened.

“I’m not going… To get better am I..?” Iris stared into his brothers eyes. Denzel’s voice shook, “Y-You’re going to be… J-Just fine.. Okay?” He swallowed. “I’m going to call the police… And they’re going to make you all better..” Iris watched him,

“Denzel…” Iris continued to watch him. Denzel slowly looked at him, “Y-Yes?”
Iris’ voice softened, “I’m… I’m tired…” Denzel nodded.

“Go to sleep.. When you..” He paused. “When you wake up… You’ll be all better.. You won’t be in any pain anymore..” He smiled at Iris. Iris nodded, slowly closed his eyes, then whispered “Denzel” Denzel watched him, “Y-Yes..?”

“I love you..” Iris took his last and final breath before going limp. Denzel froze, he couldn’t think straight, what was he to do? His best friend, his brother, his whole world was taken from him in a matter of five minutes. His hands shook, he suddenly leans over, resting his forehead on Iris’ stomach. “Iris!!!” He cried out, he couldn’t stop himself. The tears kept falling. “Iris! Wh-Why did you have to leave me?” His visioned blurred again as his voice lowered.

“I’m alone…I’m all alone now…”


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