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I am a needy woman
A woman who wears
Her neediness like a medal
I wear my need for respect
Like the cowry around my neck

I wear my need for love
Like a rusted metal
Around my ankle
The kind of rust that 
Doesn't carry decay
But carries my insistence
On being loved right.

My neediness is a presence
On cold nights
A persistent presence
That insists on my being
Wrapped up like a child
In the oversized hands 
Of love

I am a woman who carries
Her need to be seen
Like a beggar carries 
Their whole life in 
Outstretched palms

My neediness is such
That comes from gold mines
A neediness
worn widely and wildly
 Like a medal

I am a woman not ashamed
To carry her neediness.


  • Jan 02, 2020

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