Spongebobs Nightmare Read Count : 26

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Horror
One night spongebob had a nightmare that patrick went all crazy. It all stared in a late shift in the krusty krab theb patrick walked in and wanted a kraby patty so spongebob cooked it but patricked didn't like  it so he tried to attack spongebob but squidward jumped in the way to save spongebob but patricked ripped off his face while spongebob hid in the Chumbuket but patrick knew he was at the Chumbuket so he went there bit he didn't know where he was and then spongebob saw patrick with a mask on it was....SQUIDWARDS FACE?!?!?! that set off high alarms for spongebob and right when patrick was gonna find him.....he woke up!

           The end


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